August 16, 2014

Busy Week for Lectures

At Samuels Library, Front Royal

Usually August is a quiet month, with few events except for county fairs. It's been different this year, partly because it's the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Valley Campaign.

This week we attended evening events three days in a row. On Wednesday we learned about wetlands and rain gardens at the library, on Thursday we heard an overview of Sheridan's Valley Campaign in Middletown,  and on Friday we attended an outdoor talk on Slavery in the Shenandoah at a farm not far from Middletown. All this was interesting and the weather was pleasant.

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  1. How lovely to be outdoors and listen to lectures. This area would be a wonderful venue.

  2. I bet you learn so much from going to these lectures. Good for you!

  3. Much more peaceful than when Sheridan was tearing through the area. Lovely shots!

  4. The weather has been perfect. Great to be out and about in it.

  5. Sounds like an interesting way to spend some time. Nice pictures.


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