July 5, 2014

American Heroes

Yesterday we watched the Independence Day Parade in Middletown, Virginia. Leading the parade were a couple of gentlemen representing our forefathers who struggled to gain a free country.

But a participant who brought tears to my eyes was a dog, the brave and loyal K9 Kota. I've followed the story of Kota since he was injured doing his job six months ago.

Kota is a police dog. He was helping to find two suspects in an attic in Winchester when he fell through the attic floor onto the hardwood floor below. Here's the story from Kota's Facebook page:
Officers could hear Kota's yelps and cries as he emerged from the broken drywall. Kota could hear his officers still yelling at the suspects and despite a very severe injury, Kota climbed back up the flight of stairs to continue the fight.

He was immediately taken to the emergency vet. X-rays showed several complex fractures in his humerus bone of his front right arm. Surgery was scheduled for 01/06/14. The Vets paint a grim picture of Kota's future in reference to returning to full duty. Kota and all those who love him pray to prove the naysayers wrong!!

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  1. What a brave dog. I hope he'll recover.

  2. One very brave dog and I hope he makes a full recovery and back to work. Have a great week.

  3. Kota is a very brave and dedicated dog.. I hope he heals well! Great post and a cute dog. Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful dog. Glad he could participate!


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