June 30, 2014

White Goslings

geeseThe baby white geese have lost their yellow color and are now white.  They still don't venture too far from their parents and their aunts continue to keep an eye on them.

The geese do not belong to anyone; in fact, they think they own the entire neighborhood. They visit various yards in search of food and spend plenty of time enjoying the lake at the community's entrance.  Apparently they eat grass but there is so much grass around here that they don't make a dent in it.

Linking to: The Bird D'Pot


  1. Looks like they really do have the run of the place. Terrific captures!

  2. WHat adorable shots.

  3. Love this...and enjoyed reading about how they've been in the neighborhood where you live. How great is that?

    I'm in my Hootin' Anni Blog Admin right now, but read your link at I'd Rather B Birdin' and wanted to thank you for adding your geese to share with other birders this week.

  4. A lovely family! And a nice place too!

  5. I bet they are entertaining to watch.


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