June 11, 2014

Storm Warnings

This week we've had hot days with late afternoon storms. This evening I saw online tornado warnings, but the storm front passed to the west of us so we didn't even get high winds. However, the rain just returned so I shouldn't get overconfident.
Clouds Over the Massanutten Range
A strong storm on Sunday afternoon took down branches and trees.


  1. I do hope everyone stayed safe. Your photos are really awesome.

  2. Pretty shots of the stormy skies.. We have had a lot of rain lately too. Stay safe and have a happy day!

  3. i hate to see old trees toppled, but that first shot is wonderful!

  4. Things look rather serene in the first photo, but the large, uprooted tree tells a different tale. I hope you stay well and safe through any future storms, Linda.


  5. There's a dark beauty about your first photo that I really like. That was a huge tree that was brought down. I hope you don't have any more damage.

  6. A very brooding sky in that first shot, Linda.

  7. You did have some rough weather. I'm glad it calmed down by the time it got to us.


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