June 9, 2014

Squirrel on an Oriole Feeder

I got an oriole feeder and filled it with grape jelly. It failed to attract any orioles but one of the squirrels liked it.

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  1. they are monsters. they've chewed several of my plastic hummingbird feeders, getting drunk on sugar water. :)

  2. o, dear, that one is quite arobatic. :)

  3. It's surprising sometimes how hard they will work to get into the feeders.

  4. Squirrel acrobatics. They're marvelous!

  5. Those squirrels do more moves than a gymnast to reach the goods! Sure is fun to watch.

  6. Round of applause to you from Australia, I love that second photo of the Squirrel! Made me grin from ear to ear! :)
    Wren x

  7. How fun! I can't have bird, or even squirrel feeders here. Bears seem to love them. I don't love sharing my yard with bears.

  8. Obrigada pelo carinho lá no meu kantinho!
    Coisa mais linda esse esquilo, são tão amáveis!
    Gostei do edifício igreja menonita, muito bacana,deve ser um local lindo!
    A nuvem ficou bem estranha , nem parece.
    E os peixes no lago dívinos , levei foto comigo,espero que não se importe, essas íris eu também tenho ...linda flor!
    lindo dia! bjssssssssssssss

  9. Funny! The squirrels will find their way into everything!

  10. Neat photos.. Enjoyed several of your posts.. Have a great week


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