June 15, 2014

Black and White: From My Parents' First Album

It's Father's Day so I scanned in some photos of my dad. These are from 1943 and 1944, before I was born. It was during World War II and my dad was in the U.S. Navy.

The first picture shows my parents at Christmas 1942. This was just before my older brother was born. Rick is the baby in the second picture. That shot is nostalgic to me, reminding me of how my dad was a warm and loving parent back when we were little kids. Now he's been gone for over a dozen years.

Happy Father's Day, everyone!
John Suiter and Son, 1944


  1. How lovely to have these photos, going back so far. great memories for Fathers' Day.

  2. Wonderful old photos! Happy Father's day to you.

  3. Splendid pictures of him. It doesn't matter how long a parent has been gone- we'll still miss them.


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