June 18, 2014

Black and White: Belle Grove

I've posted photos of Belle Grove Plantation many times so I'm just adding a couple of detail shots this time. I think the limestone walls and chimneys have enough contrast to show off the texture nicely in black and white pictures.

The limestone was quarried on the property, which is in the Shenandoah Valley. Even today limestone is quarried nearby. The manor house (first photo) was built in the 1790's. 


  1. Looks like it was built to last. The walls still look straight. Nice in B&W.

  2. An exquisite light, wonderful tones in B & W! Excellent photos!

  3. Those are quite lovely shots in monochrome. I love seeing such architecture.

  4. Black and white really makes the images feel timeless.

  5. I like the limestone. Pretty Mallard lady.

  6. The detail shows up so well in black and white - I have to get into Boston and shoot some of the architecture - always perfect for black and white! Thanks for linking up!


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