May 14, 2014

Snapshots from the 1980's

I scanned in a couple of photos that I took around 1988. First, we see my mom playing Frisbee with her grandchildren. I was taking a photography class at the time and was probably trying to get an action shot.

The second picture is a selfie, long before anyone called them that. My camera is on the windowsill behind me — it had a timer.


  1. Yes, wonderful photos, I really like, especially the second, if I can see the camera on the windowsill!

  2. Your mom looks like she is having a great time! That is also a very creative selfie.

  3. The self portrait turned out good, remember those long shutter releases that screwed into the shutter button, seems like I had one at one time.

  4. Love the selfie - great perspective! thanks for linking up!

  5. Nice shots of some fun memories. :)


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