May 26, 2014

New Sign at Fisher's Hill

Finally a sign has been erected at the parking area for Fisher's Hill Battlefield! For almost two years there was no signage at this main entrance to the Civil War site. A trail here takes you up the hill to the position of Ramseur's Division.

You can read about the battle on the Civil War Trust website.  I've posted photos of Fisher's Hill before — see our April 2013 visit, for instance.


  1. Seems to have taken a long time to happen. Love your view photo.

  2. That view is very dramatic. Thanks for the link, too!

  3. Wonderful B&W. I will check out the link so I can learn more about this battle.

  4. I'm glad to see that some new signage is going up at Fisher's Hill. I still want to get to that battlefield for a visit.

  5. Before the sign, I bet people had to search to find the trail that takes them to the battle field.

  6. It's good the sign is finally up now. That second photo is beautiful!


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