May 29, 2014

Blog Post #4400

I've been blogging for nearly 9 years! I didn't post very often during 2005, my first year. We didn't have a fast internet connection at first, and the idea of blogging every day did not even occur to me.

At some point I'll probably stop blogging so often. But for now it gives me a reason to process my digital photos, and I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers.

I've been participating in various blog linkups (or Linky's, or blog parties, or blog hops, or whatever you want to call them). They provide an extra challenge: Can I come up with an interesting picture of a fence today? A bird? A flower? A sign?

As another blogger pointed out, a restriction (in this case by subject matter) can encourage creativity. It can also add variety to my blog.

I've been tagging these posts as Linky's and Memes, and I've labeled 260 of them that way so far.  However, after this post I'm going to stop tagging them that way because around 90% of my posts are fitting that category and I indicate what they are linking to within the post, usually at the bottom as "Linking to" another site.

I appreciate the folks who host the linkups and also the visitors who come here by way of those pages. I also appreciate all the people who take the time to write comments. Thank you!

And now, here's a picture I posted in 2005. It's a Photoshopped combination of two other photos that I took.


  1. Nice shot. And wow - congratulations on NINE years of blogging. That is amazing!

  2. Nine years! That's a lot of writing and photos! Hope I'll still be around in 9 years.

  3. What a cutie! Congrats. I have been blogging a little over 5 years with a few breaks here and there. I enjoy participating in the memes too.

  4. love a stone fence! i don't use links in my labels (except for good fences since i'm the host). mostly i use subject matter titles (birds, whistlers, fences, etc.)

    happy 4400 and many more!

  5. Wow, 9 years of blogging and 4400 posts! I love the rock fence in this photo.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow, congrats on 9 years! That's quite a milestone.

  7. Nine years is quite a feat!

    That's a marvelous composition.

  8. 9 years is a long time to blog, way to go. I think I've been at it about 7 years. It's fun and such a great way to see different things and meet new people.

  9. Happy Nearly-9 Years and Post 4400! You've been at it a long time.. very impressive. May you continue blogging for as long as it pleases you. I know it pleases me. :)

  10. 9 years is a long time! Congratulations! :)


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