May 23, 2014

A Selfie with Lynn

Earlier this week I met Lynn (left) for lunch in Harrisonburg. She's my older daughter. No, she's not as tall as she looks in the picture!

It was a coincidence that we both wore orangey colors but at least this qualifies for the linkup, Orange You Glad It's Friday.


  1. Hi Linda, That is neat that you live in/near Strasburg... We loved that area... And the old hotel was marvelous. We got to stay on the 2nd floor (last room on the right) --and I took photos of all of the rooms... Neat place --except their internet connection was LOUSY... ha

    Hope we get back to that area sometime... I have published 3 posts from that trip if you want to see them.. Look on my sidebar under labels.. Go down to Virginia Trip April 2014...


  2. Nice portrait, both very pretty!

  3. That's very nice and the bright orangey colors look great on both of you.

  4. Nice selfie...perfect for this meme.

  5. Great minds think alike. My Daughter and I have similar tastes in clothing so we wear the same color a lot.

  6. cute shot. sounds like fun!! i have been away on a camping adventure. & now just getting back to replying & talking to you guys again. hope you are well. ( ;


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