March 5, 2014

Winter Landscape with Horses

Winter Landscape, Shenandoah Valley

There's a church northwest of Woodstock that offers some great views. Here we see some horses grazing in a snowy field.

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  1. Tha really is beautiful countryside.

  2. This is beautiful, blanketed in white. Bet it looks a lot different with no snow.

  3. It does not look too cold but no doubt it is

  4. Great composition of excellent wintry photos ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. Beautiful shots. I am surprised that the horses don't have horse blankets on. It looks cold!

  6. How luminous and gorgeous!

  7. Oh wow. the scenery looks so beautiful.

  8. I was wondering why the horses don't have blankets, too. It is a beautiful photo, but looks cold.


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