March 4, 2014

The Most Welcome Sights in a Snowstorm

I feel a little anxious when the roads are blocked by snow or ice. What if there's an emergency?

So I welcome the sight of a snowplow. I'm grateful to these workers who put in long hours clearing our roads.

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  1. Even though they are noisy, I am always grateful to hear the snow plows go rumbling down our street!

  2. Is that a bus stop? OH.MY.BRRRRR!

  3. My parents, when living in our cottage country area, would always feel relieved to hear the plow go by on the road.

  4. Indeed! Snow plows to the rescue!

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  5. They come in all shapes and sizes too, don't they :).

  6. We sure have seen a lot of them this year, Haven't we?


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