March 22, 2014

Blog Post #4300

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When I reach a blog milepost I usually share something about myself or about blogging. This time I'm writing about my student record at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

As a "lifetime learner," I just keep taking courses. Community college courses are enjoyable to me, particularly in photography and history, so I continued taking them long after I earned my associate's and even after I got a bachelor's degree elsewhere. Perhaps I hold some sort of record!

This report shows I started taking classes at NOVA in 1978 and took one every year from 1981 through 2012. I won't bore you with the whole thing but here's the first part. (You can click to see it larger if you're curious.)

When I downloaded this I was surprised to see that they have added non-credit courses to the record. It's not the official transcript, which has never shown non-credit classes, some of which were just one-day seminars. It's nice to be reminded of those. And another surprise: this record shows classes I took at other colleges in the Virginia Community College System, particularly Lord Fairfax Community College, which is now the school closest to me. Here's the last section of the record. 

That last course does not have a grade at all because I audited it, which "senior citizens" can do at no charge in Virginia. Oh, I don't like that term! But if you fall into that age group and want to take a free course, it's something to look into.


  1. Wow you are a lifetime student. Lifetime learner. I love that. My sapiens have been in school and training for a long time. They are about to take that next step and leap to a professional career. Thanks for sharing on this Sepia Saturday. Keep at it!

  2. You are quite obviously appreciative of the history of the Civil War!

  3. Yep, you post a lot. Makes my 253 look miniscule by comparison.

  4. Wow, congratulations. I love learning too but haven't taken courses like that. What age do they consider "senior citizen" for the free classes?

  5. Excellent! I think it's wonderful that you keep taking courses. I'd like to be on your team in a history challenge! ;) And lovely to see you.

  6. Just in case you are wondering, there is NO way I am going to post my college transcript on the internet. Though Edward Stockton has probably already done that.

  7. Que legal saber um pouco de ti!!
    amiga de longe!


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