March 23, 2014

At the Self-Serve Dog Wash

I was pleased to learn that there's a dog wash in Front Royal. It's more expensive than the one in Woodstock but it's closer to home and towels are included.

"Hi, what's this?"

"Oh, it's a bath."

"I want to go home now."

(At 450 S. Commerce Ave., Front Royal, VA)

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  1. Funny captions!!! Wonderfully fun images.

  2. Adorable shots of a real cutie ~ (my dog hates the groomer, any part of it) ~ Happy Week to you ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  3. I've always thought these sound like a great idea! We have them, but I no longer have a dog.

  4. Poor cute doggie!

    I've got a blogging friend who, when she writes from her dog's point of view, calls the bath the Great White Watery Abyss Of Torture.

  5. Cute dog! But i think, he don't want take a bath. *laugth* Nice pictures
    I wish you a happy Evening, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog

  6. Some dogs love their baths while others just never learn to like them. Your dog is a cutie!
    I had a bathtub installed in my basement when I had dogs. I trained them to jump in the tub when I said. Hup!

  7. Too cute! All nice and clean now. :)

  8. Towels AND rubber aprons? Good deal!

  9. Very sweet looking little dog. Our dog is not fond of baths either. :)


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