March 31, 2014

Art at a Winery

There are now so many wineries in Virginia, I couldn't count them if I tried. We rarely visit them though, since I am allergic to yeast so I'm allergic to wine.  Recently a winery in Fauquier County hosted an art show so that gave us a reason to go there. It was an interesting venue for an exhibit, although a bit on the chilly side.

Note the shapes in the first photo. It's one of several I'm considering for my entry into City Daily Photo's Theme Day Gallery. The topic for April is "Triangle."


  1. I used to love going to wineries and tasting the wine. Now, I can't taste any kind of wine or alcohol.

  2. those shiny vats make a neat backdrop.

  3. I have sampled enough from wine to whiskey to have decided I don't like the taste of the stuff, so I don't drink.

    Excellent shots and a good take on the theme. It's a fine setting for art.

  4. Now I'm wondering what those glass tops are for.

  5. I liked both sets of triangles, but the second picture had more of them!

  6. Neat place for an art show. I like the flowers painting displayed there.


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