March 11, 2014

A Herd of Deer

Along Skyline Drive Near Front Royal, VA

Among the best places for viewing deer in Shenandoah National Park are Big Meadows and Dickey Ridge. Both feature visitors centers along Skyline Drive plus expanses of grass that deer like to eat.

When we drove the northern section of the drive on Sunday, I slowed as we approached Dickey Ridge because we've seen deer there several times, both from the car and from the trails. Instead of just a few deer, we saw an entire herd grazing directly in front of the visitors center, which happens to be closed for the winter.

I counted eleven deer. Last night I posted several photos showing a deer wearing a radio transmitter.

We pulled into the parking area and took some photos and even a brief video.


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  1. they're really close! love the golden light shining on them.

  2. Terrific shots!

    The do tend to congregate in herds over the winter for safety.

  3. The deer AND the visitor's centre look wonderful.

  4. They don't seem a bit bothered by you being there.

    Beautiful Visitor's Center.

  5. That first shot is gorgeous!

  6. Wow..beautiful pictures..have a nice day!

  7. There seem to be a lot of deer around lately!

  8. I bet those deer are very glad the snow is gone so they can get to the grass. We sure did have a hard winter this year.

  9. aren't they just beautiful...sadly i saw one that was killed on the side of the road just a little bit always makes me sad when i see that :(

  10. Very peaceful looking there. Good thing you slowed down when you got in that area.

  11. Always fun to see deer. Those look like they are used to humans.


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