February 21, 2014

Those Tall Crosses Near Strasburg

Skywatch: 3 Crosses, 2 Flags

If you drive up Interstate 81 through Virginia very often, you've probably spotted these huge crosses at Exit 296. They were erected by a large church along Route 55. The church was recently sold, but you can drive through the parking lot and get a closer look at this proud display behind the building.

I included a picture of the church in a 2008 post that's gotten a lot of hits via Google.

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  1. That's quite a location for them!

    There's a place a few hours drive up the valley from here, where you look up across the river to a high promontory, and there are three crosses up there. This reminds me of that place.

  2. The flags and crosses are a striking presentation.

  3. Just passed them. Gorgeous and very moving.

  4. I recently moved from Strasburg Virginia to West Virginia. I miss seeing these crosses. I used to live down the road from them. Hope to see them again.

  5. This is now Restoration Fellowship Church.


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