February 25, 2014

Mid-day at the Oasis

Downtown Harrisonburg, VA

The Oasis Gallery is on the corner of Main Street and Water Street. It's on the far left in the the first photo.

Harrisonburg is home to James Madison University. It's in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

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  1. Wonderful post, I have only been here once but I didn't have time to explore. Your photos have made me want to go back :)

  2. I used to buy my film and developing supplies just over the hill at a camera shop, can't remember the name of it. You were very close to Jess's lunch, I would have had to go get a hot dog.

  3. I have never been here, but who knows... I just might be driving by on my way somewhere else. We usually do a lot of traveling. This year, we are waiting for my Hubs to heal his knee.

  4. It looks like a nice vantage point to take the shot from.

  5. Looks like it would be a neat place to visit.


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