February 23, 2014

Lecture in Strasburg

St. Paul Lutheran Church

We attended a lecture a week ago at a church in Strasburg. I was pleased to read that the pastor is Bill Nabors, whom we knew when we lived in Bryce Resort.

The talk was hosted by Strasburg Heritage Association and featured Dr. Clarence Geier of JMU. He gave an illustrated presentation on "Historical Archaeology and Sheridan’s 1864 Valley Campaign." He focused on investigations at Fishers Hill and Cedar Creek Battlefield.

This combined two of my interests, Civil War sites and archaeology. When I lived in Alexandria (Virginia), I was a volunteer in their archaeology program and edited their newsletter.

Clarence Geier, Ph. D.
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  1. hi, Linda ... thanks for joining in this week!! i love the stain glass. so lovely. ( :

  2. i am looking back over your church finds - wow, you have seen some lovely ones. nice!! i love looking in the past. fun times. ( :

  3. Hi, Linda!
    Belas fotografias no dia para repouso do espĂ­rito.
    Bom domingo

  4. Love the stained glass window - really beautiful!

  5. Linda..I will use your photo next time..thank you..I had already done the collage for this week's Nature Notes...Michelle

  6. That's a beautiful stained glass window.

  7. Right in my neighborhood! :)

  8. So fascinating, and like others love that stained glass window!


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