February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents Day

When I was a child we had a holiday for George Washington's birthday and another one for Abe Lincoln's birthday. Both were in February, and eventually they were combined into Presidents Day.

I actually grew up on land that was once owned by President Washington. In honor of his now-shared holiday, I'm posting two pictures from the old mill he owned at Mount Vernon. I took these pictures quite a while back; probably around 1998. I altered them in Photoshop and posted them on one of my webpages, which back then were hosted on AOL. Eventually AOL eliminated their web hosting so I moved most of my pages to other servers. These images are on my Old Mills page, which apparently I have not revised since 2008.


  1. How wonderful to see, I've always wanted to visit Mount Vernon! I love that second one...

  2. I, too, remember separate holidays for Presidents Lincoln and Washington. I'm glad you were able to save your pictures of Washington's mill.

  3. Creative work!

    I would like to see that mill for myself.


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