February 15, 2014

Critters: Our Dogs in Winter

Notice how Ben is peeking out from behind the snow. 

Sometimes it's good to be indoors! Flash likes to sit in a sunny spot.

Linking to: Saturday's Critters


  1. I don't blame Flash for wanting to be indoors in a sunny spot... warms the old bones.

  2. A couple of cuties!

  3. Sweet furbabies! It's hard for them when the snow is so deep.

  4. Adorable shots ~ love your dogs ~ xxx

    carol and artmusedog

  5. Now those are two gorgeous looking dogs that I'm sure my crazy poodle would love to play with - but my dog has never seen snow...
    Wren x

  6. Cute doggies, my dog likes the snow for just a little bit. I am like Flash I'd rather sit in the sunshine. Thank for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy Sunday!


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