January 12, 2014

Rejected Photographs

These photos are from my "Album des Refusés" which I put together in the 70's. The album is made up of photos that didn't make it into regular family album, and the name is from the Salon des Refusés, an exhibit in 1863 which displayed work that had been rejected by the official Paris Salon. Some of those paintings were by impressionists who are now regarded as great masters.
My little album does not contain masterpieces, just photos that were too precious to condemn to a storage box. They might have been near-duplicates, or too dark, or slightly blurry, or perhaps someone was making a face or the pose looked awkward.

Marie, Me holding Spotsy, and Lynn


  1. I really like that last one! Just think, nowadays you can scan these to your computer and tweak them. We couldn't do that in the old days.

  2. Very nice! We have quite a few like that too, that are perhaps blurry or off-center but still hold a fond memory for us.

  3. Sweet photos!! That flowered couch in the first photo looks so familiar. Groovy. :)


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