January 25, 2014

Red Sky at Night

"Red Sky at Night
Sailor's Delight"

On Monday I ran some errands and was at the grocery store in Strasburg as the sun started to set. The parking lot was crowded because snow was in the forecast so people were buying supplies in case they got snowbound.

Yet we had a lovely red sky! Tradition holds that this means clear weather, but it did not hold true this time. By morning it was snowing, and it continued all day.

Similar View: Water Tower at Sunset

Article on loc.gov: Red Sky at Night


  1. This is such a beautiful shot!!!!

  2. A wonderfully colourful shot!

  3. Sounds like it held for the night. It's those red skies in the morning that get ya!

  4. Such a pretty sky! Sunsets always intrigue me.

  5. Red in the morning, Sailors take warning.
    Funny how that saying seems to hold true.

  6. ohhhhh what a beautiful view!! Breathtaking! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  7. pretty, even if it was a bit off with the forecast. :)


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