January 2, 2014

Photo of the Year 2013

City Daily Photo invited members to post their Photo of the Year. I've gotten input from fellow bloggers and Facebook friends over the past couple of days and in late December. I want to thank everyone who helped me narrow down the choices and come up with a Number One Photo for 2013. Here it is!

The View from Culler's Overlook

This is such an appropriate choice because it shows part of the Shenandoah Valley, the river itself, and the Massanutten Range in the background. Our beautiful Shenandoah Valley is a main focus of this blog, and we can see the Massanutten Mountains from our living room.

For those who live in Virginia or travel through it, don't miss Shenandoah River State Park between Front Royal and Luray. It's easy to drive by the road to this overlook so watch for the sign. You can also see this view from much farther away on the northern section of Skyline Drive.


  1. Amazing! Colorful! Attractive!

  2. Stunning and beautiful landscape, nice photo !

  3. Oh yes that is nice, a superb view

  4. lovable countryside view,happy new year!!!

  5. Truly great image, reflects so beautifully of what I think of when I hear "Shenandoah Valley mentioned.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours,


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