January 24, 2014

Incoming Geese

Skywatch: Canada Geese

I feel so lucky to finally get a good picture of geese in flight! So many times I've missed the shot because by the time the shutter clicks, they've flown out of the frame.

This time I was simply trying to get a picture of the sky as the clouds turned colorful near sunset. I had already focused on some distant trees when I heard the geese squawking, so I tilted the lens upward and pressed the button.

They are coming in for a landing on the lake. I love watching them land and take off!

Linking to: Skywatch Friday


  1. Wow - that's gorgeous!

  2. Yes, that wonderful silhouettes on beautiful sky, how beautiful, beautiful picture!

  3. Seizing the perfect moment to capture birds in flight is really difficult. Every time I see a good opportunity, I don't have my big girl camera just my iPhone. This is a good shot! It's nice to meet you through the Skywatch Friday connection. Now your newest GFC follower!

  4. I love the light and the 'action' shot! I took one the other day but I definitely did not intend to take them flying off, our silly dog tried to give chase and I missed my chance to capture geese peacefully resting on a pond:)

  5. Ah, very nice! Just being aware and ready can get you that wonderful shot.

  6. Pretty shot of the geese in flight! Have a happy weekend!


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