January 22, 2014

Golden Birds on Red Feeder

Wild Bird Wednesday: American Goldfinches
Carduelis tristis

The goldfinches look calm and settled in the pictures but actually they hop and fly frequently, especially on a cold snowy day like this was! (The snow was coming down yesterday when I took these — through a window!)

They are in their winter colors here. In spring the males get bright yellow feathers. The females don't because they need to be able to conceal their offspring from predators.

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  1. Beautiful through the window shots! You and Tex are both fortunate to have windows to shoot through! Mine have black solar screens on them.

  2. That is the brightest feeder I have ever seen.... birds must flock just to check it out..... lovely post

  3. Such sweet birds. They come here for winter and as soon as their breeding plumage comes out they fly north. Boo to that!

  4. Beautiful birds, and quite a lovely feeder.

  5. The are wonderful pictures of the finches against the red feeder.

  6. Cute little birds! I like their bright yellow color.

  7. Thanks, everyone.
    @Ms. A, a couple of our windows are missing screens and I decided I like them that way because of photography.
    @Furry Gnome, the feeder is from Big Lots (a discount store). Every photographer should invest in some colorful bird feeders.
    Disclosure: Birds did not pay me to say that, at least not literally.

  8. Wonderful birds at your pretty feeder!
    We only get to see Goldfinches during migration and most of them are in their drab plumage.

    Nice post!


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