January 18, 2014

Blog Post #4200

Here am I on blog entry number 4,200 and the internet pundits are saying blogging is out of style. For many people it's been replaced by Facebook, but they are saying that Facebook is falling out of favor. Well, what do they know?

Experts are wrong much of the time.  The Freakonomics folks have pointed out that people love to make predictions but in fact are not good at predicting the future.

I know that social media is evolving. Perhaps blogging will die out, or perhaps it will adjust to the changes in the way we use our devices. I like blogging! It's a creative outlet, a journal, an incentive to improve my photography, a way to share, and a chance to communicate with other bloggers.

Right now there are 124 people listed as followers on Google Friend Connect. I have no way of knowing how many people follow me using one of the other blog readers or via email. (There's a link at the bottom of the page for following by email.) Some people visit after I post to one of the theme pages, and many find this blog through Google or another search engine. (My site statistics say that over 400 people a month get here through Google.) Welcome to all!

I am grateful to the other bloggers who visit and leave comments. I try to return their visits, but sometimes I run out of time or find that my eyes start burning from too much looking at the screen. Please forgive me if you have commented and I have not gotten back to you. I may get there yet!

Keep on blogging, my friends!


  1. I used facebook for a day and didn't like it at all so I deleted my account. I really don't like the weasel that supposedly invented it. But then I'm no expert. You have really been busy with blogger, I think it fits art type things pretty good.

  2. I did not have the opportunity to visit your blog last week Linda. I've been just too busy.

    I enjoyed reading and watching your posts though. You've posted again some beautiful work again!
    I am very pleased by using Google+ in a combination with my blog. I really don't like Facebook because of all the adds...

    Hope you'll have a great week!

  3. I enjoy blogging and really don't enjoy the experience on Facebook. I mainly just want to keep up with my family there who is spread out across the country. My blog, too, is like a journal for me and I'd like to think, a record for future generations. Who knows? Keep blogging no matter what the "experts" say. They're not always right!

  4. I liked your post today and thank you for visiting Today's Flowers and commenting. I started blogging as a family record for our son but it has evolved, like a snowball gathering momentum down hill. I didn't even know a blog was visible to the outside world at first, and that was the other benefit, meeting so many people with similar interests and then not so similar but learning from reading their blogs too. I hope blogging never disappears. Have a great week and happy blogging!

  5. I do like blogging, both photoblogging and the regular one. It's a good creative outlet.

    Facebook, on the other hand... well, Zuckerberg needs a hobby. Or fifty years of heavy sedation.

  6. I like blogging too. I've learned a lot and made a lot of cyber friends through blogging.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of posts! I hope blogs last a long time but even if they don't I think we are all richer for having had the experience and honing the skills associated with blogging.

  8. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I like blogging and I have heard the same about it falling out of favor or facebook replacing it, I don't think so really.
    I am not a facebook fan, I tried it and I didn't care for it. I would rather blog and read blogs.
    I don't care for Zuckerburg(I think I spelled it right). I really think it's a way to compile data, who knows?
    Happy Tuesday


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