December 20, 2013

Sunset on the 19th of December

You can still see a little snow on the ground here, plus there's light reflected on the lake. That's the Massanutten Range rising up to meet the pink clouds.

Linking to: Skywatch Friday


  1. Very beautiful photo for SWF! Have a nice weekend and Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the picture! just looking amazing..

  3. I don't get up that way often but always liked that little range of mountains. I read where in the hidden valley is where Washington was going to build fortifications for a last stand against the British had the war gone the other way.

  4. the sky's have been just gorgeous lately!! i have seen those thick, pretty pink clouds....they are beautiful, but i find they are better in person!!

  5. I like those purple clouds!! Great photo.

  6. That Mountain reminds me of the song... America The Beautiful and the part in it that says Purple Moutain Majesties.


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