December 9, 2013

Shadow on a Wall

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("Life's Sweets and Spices")


  1. Pretty shade, excellent composition!

  2. What a well-defined shadow and wonderful capture. Is it a real person or a statue of some sort?

  3. That reminds me for some reason of Alfred Hitchcock. Didn't he at the end show his shadow or something?

  4. I am sorry that I didn't comment on your blog lately. I've been very busy...

    You published som great posts ;-)

    Do have a good week! ;-)

  5. Terry, it reminded me of Hitchcock too. They showed his profile in silhouette.

    Hilary, it's a real person. The light came in at an angle and distorted the shape to look shorter and fatter — my husband's not too happy about it. He's actually 6 foot 2!

  6. very cool shadow defined....def makes me want to know the man a bit...

    congrats on the potw

  7. came back to say congrats on your POTW at hilary's!

  8. amazing color! so beautiful! congratulations on your POTW!


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