December 25, 2013

Seasonal Miscellany

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we were surprised to see Santa Claus in front of our house. He was riding on a fire engine. I hurried outside in below-freezing weather to take his picture.

The vertical image shows our kitchen window decorated for the holidays. And below that we see the miniature village that Frank assembled. Our cocker spaniel chewed on the white cloth that was supposed to represent snow and almost pulled the whole set-up off the desk! I pulled the cloth out of his reach before I took the picture.

Our Christmas Lights


  1. Linda wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I'm kinda sad that I didn't see Santa once this year. Looks like you saw him more than once!

  3. lovely holiday photos :)

    wishing you and family a very blessed Merry Christmas & blessed new year!

  4. I love the Santa picture! Ho ho ho!

  5. I do like that window, Linda!

    Dogs and misbehaving... what's a person to do?


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