December 22, 2013

Santa in Strasburg

In Strasburg's Christmas Parade

We spied two different Santa's in Strasburg's Parade. Which one is real?

My instincts tell me the first one is a pretender because you can't see much of his face. Why, I don't think that beard is real!

The second one is riding with Mrs. Santa by his side. They look like sincere people so I vote for them!

I didn't get the horse in the frame above, so here's a picture I took as we got back to the car. Santa and his wife have left the carriage, perhaps to attend the outdoor concert.

And then there's the inflated Santa we saw in front of someone's house. I'm sure he's an impostor because the real Santa would not cheat at cards!


  1. Exquisite pictures, Wonderful place and a fun parade!

  2. Christmas parades are always such fun. As I get older I attend them less, but seeing photos like these pull at the old heart strings. Merry Christmas. genie

  3. It looks as if Strasburg had a great Christmas parade -- even the Grinch showed up. I agree with you about the second Santa being the real one.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Netherlands! ;-)

  5. Fun pictures! Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family had a nice holiday. :)


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