December 3, 2013

On the Outskirts of Beaver Creek

Washington County, Maryland

I saw a sign for the School House Museum and followed the road out to see it and take a picture. There was a small church next door and a large one across the road. Each building had shared architectural
elements but was distinctly different.
Beaver Creek School Museum

St. Matthews Lutheran Church

Beaver Creek Christian Church


  1. Very interesting architecture!

  2. They all share the same type windows and doors. What is that called... Gothic Style?

  3. Beautiful church!

  4. They are beautiful buildings.... very eye catching.

  5. What lovely buildings - and all with their own characters.

  6. Love the idea of comparing the architecture. Wonderful setting.

  7. Excelentes fotografias de belo Património....

  8. Yes, Ms. A, I believe it IS called gothic. Or more specifically Gothic Revival.


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