December 7, 2013

Heinrich Neukomer

Beaver Creek Cemetery, Maryland

We found the grave of my ancestor Henry Newcomer marked with his birth name Heinrich Neukomer. During his lifetime the name was Anglicized, at least in written records at the time of the American Revolution. Sometimes the name is spelled Nuekommets or Neukommet. He lived 50 years, from December 1744 to May 1795.

I did not locate the grave of his wife Barbara Garber Newcomer, although it may well be the one next to his. The years since her death in 1818 have obscured the engraving on that marker. She was 71. Sometimes her maiden name is spelled Garver or Gerber.

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  1. How wonderful to find the resting place of your ancestor Linda.. I think you may be right about his wife being there next to him, it just seems like the best place.

  2. There's something quite fascinating about cemeteries - and even more so when they're a part of your history.

  3. i agree with red nomad. she said it all.

    i really like your photos.

  4. that headstone is really beautiful in its aging.

  5. It's very interesting to be able to track your family history. Cemetery stones tell us a lot about our past.

  6. interesting find. Never thought of doing that.

  7. Both stones have an enduring quality to them, even as time moves on with the etchings.

  8. Wow.. that does go back a fair ways. Very cool find.


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