December 31, 2013

Four Favorite Theme Photos, 2013

I contribute photos to several sites for bloggers that challenge us to come up with a picture to match a theme. The sites link back to my site and pick up the picture via the magic of code. This shares my picture with others and gives me a chance to see theirs. Most important to me, it challenges my creativity to come up with something for the theme.

This first picture is one that I set up for a City Daily Photo monthly theme: Umbrella. I would never have taken this photo without the challenge of coming up with something for that topic, but I like it well enough to consider it for my photo of the year.

The next two images were inspired by the weekly Skywatch Friday website. By the way, these theme sites are not offering prizes; they are just places to share and hopefully be inspired.

A funny thing about these two "sky" photos is that I took them on the same afternoon! I was on my way home from a history tour offered by Lord Fairfax Community College and I stopped near Stephens City to photograph fall color and noticed the sky was filled with little clouds.A little later I saw the clouds turning pink so I decided to stop at Dinosaur Land and take some more photos.

This shadow picture came about because I noticed the orange wall in Strasburg and decided to photograph it for "Orange You Glad It's Friday." The man's shadow is distorted by the low angle of the winter sun.

I still have a few more pictures that I'm considering for my photo of the year. Which do you like best of this bunch?


  1. I like the shadow it is a nice one for sure.

  2. the first is very cool. i remember the 2nd and 4th and really like them the best. :)

  3. I like each of your photos Linda - the unexpected contrast and colours in the second catch my eye.

  4. I like the second one with the sky reflection in the window and the curved metal acting as a divider to the fall foliage. Very neat pic!

  5. I like the second one and the fourth one the best. You have a great eye!

  6. They're terrific compositions, Linda. I'd say the second one speaks most to me.


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