December 11, 2013

Aunt Clarice's Baby Picture

This is an old portrait of my father's sister Clarice. It's from around 1912 and it's in a paper mat. The photo is in great shape for being a century old! But that's a benefit of black and white prints, they last beautifully. In this age of digital photography, we often neglect to collect long-lasting pictures. How precious they can become as the years go by!

I scanned this using my husband's PC and all-in-one printer. His PC does not have a good imaging program because the ones we tried seemed to interfere with our internet set-up so he wound up running System Restore, thereby wiping out the new program. I scanned this using MS Word and a sequence of keys that's not used much anymore: Holding down the ALT key, press I, P, and then S. [That stands for Insert Picture, Scan.] Select the device (assuming the item to scan is already on the screen) and scan at print quality. When the image appears in Word, I go to File/ Save As and select PDF. Then I email the PDF to myself so I can open it on my Mac and crop in Photoshop and save as a JPEG.

I know that sounds complicated but once you do it a few times, it's easy.


  1. Old family pictures like that are such a treasure.

  2. I love the picture Linda, but you're right it does sound complicated :)

  3. I tell you what, those old photos were so well made that they will last longer than any of the ones we have today.


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