November 6, 2013

Test Shots from the Coolpix P510

After much experimenting with the Nikon that I bought last winter, I finally sent it back a second time for repair. I procrastinated on doing so for several months because when I sent them sample photos, they implied that the problem was user error, although they didn't actually use those words. Well, I've been using other digital Nikons for quite a few years and I could see the difference in the focus (or rather lack of focus) in the Coolpix 510, and there definitely was a problem.

However, I had the impression that they were not willing or able to fix the camera. So when I sent the camera back the second time, I was not too surprised when they sent it back saying they found nothing wrong with it.

It was a while before I bothered to test it. When I finally did, I just took a series of pictures at our living room window. Well, the autofocus worked fine! This was not an acid test; I still need to try it on objects that are fairly close, but at least the focusing on distance seems to be fixed, as you can see from these pictures. So apparently they made some crucial adjustment to the camera.

The yellow trees are on the other side of the lake and I zoomed way in. I did brighten this image in Photoshop to get make up for the haze that was there. You an still see it on the distant ridges but that's natural.

The last image is not completely sharp but it is only a test picture taken through double-paned glass and with two objects moving at different speeds. I was pleased that the camera was able to quickly find the objects to focus on; it would not do that before the repair.


  1. Sounds like you are pleased and that's a good thing!

  2. Lovely autumn photo. I'm glad that you were able to get some resolution. It is always difficult when the manufacturer refuses to think that something is wrong with their product.

  3. They just couldn't admit that there had been a problem with the camera, I see this when things suddenly start working like our internet service after I call them and there is nothing wrong.

    I like the bird and the airplane, I have never got that shot lined up.

  4. These turned out well. Glad they got it adjusted for you.

  5. Saw the top shot on FaceBook. Love it. Nice surprise to find others when looking on your webpages. Very nice.

  6. That second shot in particular is gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful shots. And an amazing living room view!


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