November 15, 2013

South Fork in Autumn

We returned to Shenandoah River State Park on November 1st to enjoy the last days of the fall foliage season. We were rewarded with a gorgeous day and blue water!

I took these photos from a short trail through the tent camping area. There are steps going down to the river for the convenience of folks with canoes and kayaks. There's a reason nearby Front Royal is called the Canoe Capital of Virginia!

This stretch of the Shenandoah River is near the Thunderbird Site, where Paleo-Indians fished and made arrowheads around 10,000 years ago!

One of my previous posts on this park is the second most popular post on this blog in terms of hits, with over 6,950 views.


  1. Beautiful location and skies! Well photographed.

  2. i especially love the bottom photo

  3. Yes, exquisite reflections, I like the light that did it, pictures of delicious shades!

  4. it's a beautiful place and have to add it to my list!

  5. Your got some beautiful photos on your visit to the park. That first picture is gorgeous.

  6. Pretty lake and reflection! The trees are gorgeous! Have a happy weekend!

  7. Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a pretty day!

  8. Awesome views. Look so peaceful.
    Thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend too :)


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