November 8, 2013

Shadow and Light: Eyeglasses

I was intrigued by the bright spots of light that were focused through my glasses.

The oak floor came out looking redder than it really is, and I didn't even try to correct it in Photoshop. The last time I tried to correct an orange tone, I never did get it right!


  1. It makes for an eye catching image!

  2. I have a photo just like that!!! We were over at my son's house and I took my glasses off and just happened to see the cool reflection on the floor! LOL!

  3. Beautiful and creative composition! I wish you a good weekend!

  4. Cool and a little spooky looking! :)

  5. Perfect for OYGIF. I agree with daisy. It's a little spooky. :)

    Glad you decided to share your photos on Orange you glad it's Friday. Thanks for joining and I hope to see you again next Friday.


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