November 1, 2013

Dusk of the Dinosaurs

I drove past Dinosaur Land as the sky deepened and the clouds took on the glow of sunset. Ah ha! This could make some interesting twilight photos!

For views more views of this roadside attraction, see all my Dinosaur Land posts. It's not far from Front Royal and Winchester.

Linking to Skywatch Friday.


  1. The dinosaurs against that sky look so real... you were definitely in a magical place.

  2. definitely shots most folks can't get. :)

  3. Now that's different!

    I remember a T-Rex along the side of the highway on the way to Ontario's cottage country, but that's the only one I can think of....

  4. Wow.. they make a cool photo. And this was just a drive by

  5. Ah, kind of scary! Ha! Very cool shots! :)


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