November 2, 2013

Carved Bears

In Hillandale Park, Harrisonburg, VA

"These Black Bears were carved from a 170 inch circumference White Oak stump by William L. Heavner of Spring Creek, Va. 
Mr. Heavner volunteered over 40 hours of his time and used four different sized chain saws to create these bears.
September 2007"


  1. Beautiful work too! There's a whimsical quality about them.

  2. It's hard to imagine the talent (and patience) it took to create these realistic-looking bears.

  3. Very cool! I agree with George, that took a lot of time and patience!

  4. Excelentes fotografias de belo trabalho....

  5. You look like Goldilocks between the two bears. Wonder where baby bear is.

  6. These are awesome. Course we have a lot of bear stuff at our house :-)


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