November 29, 2013

Brief Note about Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Holiday was yesterday. I hope your day was enjoyable!

My younger daughter visited us for a few days and left this afternoon. Yesterday we met Frank's middle daughter and her husband for lunch. Today my older daughter joined us and we went to my sister's house for a pleasant visit.

I am thankful that my family is fun to be with.


  1. Lucky girl! I didn't see a single one of my own kids. I'm no fun, so they go elsewhere. LOL!

  2. It's no doubt a very busy weekend for so many families south of the border.

    Nice version of a stuffed turkey, of course...

  3. That's a cute turkey! It sounds like you had a nice holiday. :)

  4. What an amusing sight. Looks like a fat and soft LEGO turkey. Cute posting!


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