October 26, 2013

Passage Creek Then and Now

Next, here's one I took a week ago. Actually, it's one of quite a few that I took, but I spotted something familiar about it. Is it the same place six years later?

If not, it is no doubt along the same stretch of the river. There are a limited number of places in the canyon to park and I don't recall walking very far along the road, which is very narrow and can be nerve-wracking when a car speeds past.


  1. Even if it not the same exact place - it still looks great. I think it may be worth a few wracked nerves to get there!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Fantastic to see it many years later. Nice shots.

  3. Close enough, anyway. The creek looks like an ideal place to stop and take a break.

  4. with time comes change. That is inevitable. Sometimes we just wish things would stay put. We do have our memories, though.

  5. Pretty fall leaves in the second one. I guess most places change some over time.

  6. What a perfect fall shot. Love the creek ambiance. I can almost smell the fresh air.


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