September 30, 2013

Webbed Detail

Sometimes a photo surprises me! This one looks a bit like something spooky for Halloween, but it did not start out that way. I was working on the topic of "Detail" for City Daily Photo's Theme Day. Since I'm currently posting photos from our trip to Pennsylvania, I selected the iron duck that I purchased at an antique shop in Apollo.

I posed him on a table with a bright light on him and took his portrait. Then I set my camera on "close-up" mode and concentrated on some detail shots. Since it was the openwork that attracted me to the item in the store, I moved in close and positioned it so I caught the light shining through.

Not until I opened the image on the computer did I see the spider webs! They are inside the item and I have not opened it up yet, although I can. It is apparently intended as a decorative candle holder.


  1. Well that is pretty cool all lit up like that. I like it unlit too.

  2. That first shot is amazing! Well captured.

  3. Love that you got surprised by your own photo. Makes me wonder how long the duck's been waiting for a new owner. The shadows would be fun with a tea light in there.

  4. Would love to see the duck with a candle light inside. Nice detail.

  5. There are so many ways to see the same thing and you proved that beautifully!

  6. That is pretty cool! What a fun surprise to discover too.

  7. Very cute detail, nice photo!


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