September 9, 2013

Middle Creek Battlefield, KY

signI hadn't been to a battlefield in Kentucky so we stopped at Middle Creek near Prestonsburg to take a look. It was a forlorn-looking place, in need of weed trimming and deserted, although a ranger drove up just before we left. There were a number of signs and a trail.

On the back of this sign is some history of the family who owned this land. At the time of the Civil War the owner was Henry Clay Fitzpatrick, grandson of Bath County, Virginia, native John Fitzpatrick, a Revolutionary War veteran who established a farm here sometime before 1800.

The Historical Marker Database provides the rest of the story, including this summary:
The Battle of Middle Creek At this site, on Jan. 10, 1862, Union troops under Col. James A. Garfield defeated Confederates led by Gen. Humphrey Marshall. Garfield's 1,100 Ohioians and Kentuckians advanced up Middle Creek and clashed with Marshall's 1,967 Virginians and Kentuckians.
The Union victory here enhanced the reputation of Garfield, who was promoted to brigadier general. Eventually he became president in 1881. His biography on Wikipedia is worth reading.


  1. Fascinating history! Thanks for sharing your photos and excursions xx

  2. still such a sad part of our history.

  3. Boy you do a lot of travelling around to historic sites. I've learned quite a bit the last few weeks of following you!

  4. Bela história...Espectacular...,.

  5. This is another site I haven't visited. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  6. It's amazing to stand there where those historical events happened. It's good to remember what went on there.


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