September 23, 2013

Frank the Farmer (Not)

We planted a small plot of vegetables this spring. Frank was happy to harvest two ears of corn out of it. Let's see, what else did we get?

Well, we got a handful of lettuce. Then the weather turned hot and the rest of the lettuce turned too bitter to eat! Recently I picked a nice yellow squash and there are a few more coming along. And there are a few grapes on the vines he planted last year, although a vine near the pool has died, probably from too much water.

Our only real success was the potatoes. We dug up enough to fill a large bowl.

No doubt we lost money on the garden. This has happened to me before. In fact, it's usually the case, but I hoped it would be different here because we don't have the deer problem that we had at Bryce.

However, we do have weeds, heat, ground hogs, and rabbits.


  1. Getting produce from your own garden can be very rewarding, but there can be a lot working against you. I have had many gardens that didn't meet my hopes and expectations. :)

  2. At least you got something! I can only grow dust on a silk plant.

  3. Good luck with the squash and rest of the veggies... I definitely do not have a green thumb.

  4. Plants in our garden gives a peace of mind for us. The amount of work and time spend for making vegetables in our garden makes us to feel happy.

  5. Well done, dear! sounds, you are a hard worker..Indeed..........

  6. Fresh new potatoes are the BEST!! I love to dig them, wash them and eat them raw.


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