August 11, 2013

Yesterday at the Yard Crawl

Shenandoah County hosts an annual "Yard Crawl." People are encouraged to set up yard sales and flea markets along U.S. Route 11 (the historic Valley Pike) for the length of the county. This year it extended north of the county line to Stephens City.

We drove through a long portion of it, avoiding the congested area south of Strasburg. We stopped at a few places, particularly at an extensive flea market near the county landfill, but we didn't buy anything. There isn't much that we need!

I managed to wind up in New Market so we could have dinner at Johnny Appleseed.


  1. now THAT'S the way to hold a garage sale! :)

  2. Yard sales can be so much fun... especially when you find a special treasure.

  3. The Johnny Appleseed has been there for years but I never got up there to it. I went to JMU so mostly was down that way.

  4. We used to go to garage sales once in a while, but I've pretty much stopped even though I think they are fun. We have too much stuff as it is! Ha!

  5. "The World's Longest Yard Sale" along U. S. 127 passes through Crossville near our home. It is held the first weekend of August and stretches from Georgia to Kentucky.

  6. That sounds like fun! I don't know if I could manage to make it through without buying at least ONE thing, though! :-)


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