August 24, 2013

Deer at the Edge of the Woods

The deer in Virginia favor the edge of the forest as a place to feed because enough sun shines there to grow grass and other yummy things. Yet the nearby woods offer a place to hide quickly if if seems prudent.

We got these photos from the car. Deer are usually shy unless they are acclimated to people by the easy access to food we offer. However, human food is unhealthy for deer so most parks warn against feeding them.


  1. We live out in the middle of nowhere and the deer have so much wild food that they seldom mess around the house. I don't hunt them but have cooked them, good meat but it is very lean, nothing fat can run like one of those animals. People in town complain about them eating things that they would never eat out here.

  2. Looks like she is posing just for you. Pretty animal.

  3. Such a beautiful creature, Linda. Lovely shots.

  4. It waited until you got your shot! How nice!


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