July 7, 2013

Yesterday at Bryce

Bryce Fest in Basye, Virginia

It's been over a year since we moved out of Basye but I still miss it sometimes. Yesterday we drove up there to spend the afternoon at their annual festival honoring Independence Day. Our first stop was the library book sale.

I used to volunteer at the library so I have friends there. It was fun to talk with some of them. That's Mona Wolf and Andrea Sutcliffe behind the table. (See Andrea's books on Amazon.)

The air strip is next to the library and helicopter rides were in progress. We didn't spring for one because we did that a few years ago.
The main part of the festival is near the ski lodge. Craft vendors and food booths are set up, and music and magic shows provide entertainment.


  1. Looks like you had some beautiful weather for the occasion.

  2. looks like a helicopter ride could be fun! and nauseating. :)

  3. What fun, I love a helicopter ride!

  4. Looks like fun summertime entertainment! :)


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