July 20, 2013

Twilight and a Cheating Moon

I didn't want to run yet another beach photo for my Skywatch Post so I picked out a few that I took from our yard after we got back.

I really liked the second one, but I must confess I added the moon to give it a point of interest. The moon was actually in another part of the sky, as I photographed it in the third shot. I was able to select it in Photoshop, copy it and paste it in a "sweet spot," that is, a third of the way from the edge.

Chances are you wouldn't have noticed unless you are an astronomer who knows the moon is not in that particular position at dusk, but I know there are true skywatchers out there who might have caught my fabrication!


  1. Nice pictures never-the-less, even if you cheated!

  2. well, your 'cheating' worked out well. :)

  3. Ha! Very clever of you. I wouldn't have known the difference.

  4. Looks good to me. I wouldn't have known the difference either.


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